Water at Work is a Midlands based water cooler company.

We are independent, and always have been. Happy to help companies with their water cooler requirements, with both local delivery across the East Midlands area and managed service throughout the UK. We offer customised operations to suit your requirements, whether it be delivery services, invoicing or sanitisation programmes.

We also offer 14 day trial periods for new customers both in the workplace and at home so that you can experience the quality of our coolers and our fresh natural spring water from Charnwood, as well as the friendly service levels that have helped us to win and retain business with smalll, medium and large companies across the UK.

Choosing Water at Work Midlands for your water cooler requirements will be a pleasureable process, with friendly back office staff who will understand your account and flexibility requirements and efficient friendly delivery drivers that will pick up and deliver to suit you. None of the big national chain indifference, just genuine customer service from a value orientated family company.

Web: www.wateratworkmidlands.co.uk/

Telephone: 0845 3873737

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm