‘We don’t tell you what we have; we ask what you need’.

We have always been proud of our approach. Over the past four years we have built a solid reputation for quality products, reliability and fantastic service.

We are members of Select Lincolnshire. The ‘Love Food’ ethos mirrors our own values. We believe that to be members of Select Lincolnshire, you have to be committed to quality and excellence. The logo stands for quality and passion and we are proud to represent this through our promise to:

  • listen to our customers
  • do what we promised
  • when we promised it
  • appreciate all customers are different and all customers are important
  • never give less than our best
  • never stop learning

Our customers are proud of their businesses and we deliver what we promise to help them offer the best to their customers.

Web: http://thelincolnteaandcoffeecompany.co.uk/

Telephone: 01522 681838