Since 1983 our innovative skewer range has been adding value to our customers’ products.

We  add value and visual appeal in creative food design. Established since 1983 we are BRC accredited.

Spikomat is a family business with over 25 years’ experience in the food packaging industry. We’ve come a long way from our small beginnings in the corner of the house to become one of the leaders in our field through continuous sourcing and innovation.

Our products are used widely in supermarkets, butchers and deli’s, along with a growing market in the catering and events industry, while we have strong export markets throughout Europe, South Africa and Australasia.

Our Speciality skewers for creative caterers are a range of visually striking skewers designed to add value and appeal to barbecue and skewered food products.

We are able to supply wooden skewers of any length and diameter and the packaging specification of these goods can be adapted to suit your requirements.

For use on the barbecue, in the oven or under a grill, our kebab skewers are suitable for use with fish, poultry, red meat, vegetables, fruits, canapes and buffets. The only limit is your imagination!

Our company is BRC A accredited, high hygiene risk, and we adhere to all modern day packaging and food safety legislation.

We operate from our modern 12,000 square foot premises, allowing us to meet the stringent and exacting requirements of our customers.

Our premises are fully insulated with zoned LED lighting to reduce our carbon footprint.


Telephone: 01636 821 123

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