Spalding Energy Expansion

InterGen is planning to expand its existing gas fired power station in Spalding by constructing and operating a new up to 945MW gas-fired facility known as the Spalding Energy Expansion.  It is proposed that the station will comprise a 645MW CCGT and an open cycle gas turbine unit of less than 300MW.  The expansion is on land adjacent to the existing power station and will generate enough electricity for approximately one million homes.

InterGen received  its Section 36 planning consent for the project from the Department of Energy and Climate Change in November 2010 and a revised consent in October 2015. The expansion project is carbon capture ready and targeted to be operational by 2020.


Clean-burning natural gas will be the fuel for the new plant and modern equipment and technology will be employed to control emissions, which will largely consist of water vapor and carbon dioxide. Gas-fired power stations do not emit odors from their processes and all aspects of the environmental performance will be monitored by the relevant authorities (including the Environment Agency).

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