RULES of Lincolnshire Chamber Business Golf League

  • Fourball better ball matches off ¾ handicap difference. Difference to be taken from the lowest handicapped player.

  • Divisions of 6 teams.

  • Each team to play five matches at intervals from April to August.

  • The first game will take place at Sleaford Golf Course the remaining games can be played in any order.

  • Points scored: two for win, one for half, no points for loss.

  • Playing games early in anticipation of holidays etc is encouraged.

  • In the event of joint league leaders at the end of the season, the match result between the teams concerned will be taken into account in determining league leaders.

  • In the event of a fixture walkover the side receiving the win will be awarded a 3&2 victory and two points.

  • In extreme cases where match results are in dispute, Bluecube reserve the right to determine the outcome of the fixture. This may result in neither side receiving any points.

  • League winners and runners up qualify for the finals day.

  • Finals to be a team format designed to have a winner on the day.

  • Each qualifying team to be represented by two players.

  • Any outstanding games must be played and all outstanding scores must be reported by 31st August 2017. Absolutely no extensions.

  • The top three in every group along with the highest scoring runner up will go through to the final at the  Woodhall Spa Golf Club on 21st September 2018

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