Orwood Mobility Manufacturing based in Nottinghamshire are manufacturers of electric height adjustable beds, bed lifters, bariatric beds and riser-recliner chairs.

Acquiring a good specialist high-low bed or bed lifter solution involves significant cost, but if done properly, the freedom, independence and opportunity it can provide to manageably stay in your own home, will be invaluable. We offer the widest & most versatile choice of specifications for height adjustable beds and bed lifters in the UK.

We are the only UK company to offer no-cost, no-obligation, comprehensive personal assessments & try-outs of full-size home-style height adjustable beds, and all beds are hand-made in Great Britain. We provide advice & expertise in profiling, static & variable-height solutions to enable independent living. We have extensive experience of professionally assessing mobility, working closely with users, Disability Living Centres and other healthcare professionals, then manufacturing and supplying standard and non-standard specifications of bed solutions all made to exacting Class I Medical Device standards.

In addition, we bring the same professionalism and attention to detail to the supply of riser-recliner chairs - at all stages from assessment to installation working with the leading manufacturing companies in the specialist chair field. We also offer Bed rails and Cot-sides for adjustable beds, and incontinence mattress protectors.

Web: www.orwood.co.uk
Telephone: 01636 525164
Monday - Thursday: 9.30am - 3.30pm | Friday: 9.30am - 2.00pm
Email: [email protected]