Ongo is getting tougher on those who fly tip in our communities

Ongo is getting tougher on those who fly tip in our communities

Over recent months Ongo has seen a large increase in cases of fly tipping and general waste being dumped.

This is having an impact on their tenants, neighbourhoods and on the workload of their Operatives who investigate and clean this up.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. This could be bulky items (like a bed or sofa), black bags full of household waste, construction materials and more.

Lisa Smith, Operations Manager at Ongo said: “We want clean, safe and welcoming streets, and that’s what our tenants deserve, so we’re pleased to be taking more action against perpetrators.

“If we find the owner, we will ask waste to be removed within a safe and reasonable timescale.

“If this does not happen, tenants will be recharged for the cost of removing this and will be in breach of their tenancy.”

Along with causing a huge fire risk and health hazard, fly tipping has in the past been associated with illegal activity and is unsightly for all who have to live with it. For Ongo it also means having to re-prioritise work, meaning other jobs (like weedkilling, path edging and cleaning) are delayed.

If you’re an Ongo tenant and you’d like to report fly tipping, you can do so by calling them on 01724 279900 or emailing

To find out more about fly tipping, how to dispose of waste correctly and our advice, go to:

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