Firms Seek Expert Help During Coronavirus Crisis

Firms Seek Expert Help During Coronavirus Crisis

An increasing number of businesses in Lincolnshire are taking action to ensure they survive the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Master Coach and NLP Master Practitioner Nicola Ellwood says enquiries have doubled in the last three weeks from business leaders who are facing significant challenges in not just one but all areas of their business.

As well as worrying about cashflow, many are having to make difficult decisions about their employees and adapt to a new way of working in a challenging economic environment.

Nicola Ellwood

Nicola explained:

“Lots of businesses are going through a really tough time despite the unprecedented level of government support available.

“Some aren’t finding it easy to access finance while others are having to adapt to the changing marketplace. People are doing new things in new ways.”

As a result, business leaders unsure of their next move are increasingly looking to coaches to gain some clarity and identify how to lead their business.

Nicola added: “During this time of extreme change and uncertainty, leaders are up against it and must also focus on managing themselves and their teams well if they are going to thrive.

“More and more leaders are recognising that coaching is a valuable use of their time.”

Nicola has been providing speed coaching (shorter, more focused sessions) which she says is particularly useful and accessible during such changeable times.

“In some cases, I have been asked by employers to also deliver speed coaching to their senior leaders and team managers in-house to ensure they make the best decisions and effectively implement any required changes,” she explained.

Nicola is also Chair of Lincoln Business Club and is keen to support the business community during these uncertain times.

As well as coaching leaders and managers, she has been asked by HR consultancies to provide tips and techniques for how to keep employees engaged and connected while working from home or on furlough.

She added: “You’ll hear many employee engagement experts like me say there is no such thing as an organisation, it is merely a collective of people all moving towards a common outcome.

“However, if those people are disengaged, demotivated or led by people who are not thriving themselves the potential of the organisation could be limited.

“Coaching sessions help people unlock their own potential and become more resourceful and resilient – two qualities which are especially beneficial during a global pandemic. I have loved being able to use my skills to help the clients I have so far during this interesting and challenging time.”

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