Mother Nature Health & Herbal is a health food shop based in Sleaford.

Herbs are the oldest form of medicine and involves the uses of the active ingredients within the plant kingdom to help support and restore the normal healthy functioning of our body. At Mother Nature Health & Herbal, we pride ourself on customer service, our staff are extremely well trained and knowledgeable and we have time for our customers.

What people don’t realise is that while it is easy to buy a vitamin or mineral ‘off the shelf, or internet’, there is always the potential for interaction and/or side effects. When you come into Mother Nature, you may be asked if you are on any other medication and even perhaps why you feel you need a particular vitamin or mineral. We have at our disposal a wealth of information to check for any interactions and can advise on the best product for you, your condition and to help support or improve your wellbeing.

Our vitamin, mineral and supplement range is extensive and we stock Viridian, A Vogel, Pharma Nord, Solgar, Natures Aid, Nelsons, Bach remedies and Schuessler tissue salts to name but a few. We even stock remedies for your faithful furry friend.

Mother Nature benefits from having a fully trained medical herbalist on site who is well versed on the effects herbs can have on the internal and external systems of the body and have seen great results for a number of acute and chronic complaints. It is worth noting that we are trained in identifying ‘red flags’ and will not hesitate in advising a visit to your GP or health professional if we believe this is warranted. In addition, there are some conditions we cannot treat, for example cancer, however, we can support you while you are going through treatment, in conjunction with your specialist.

We stock gluten and dairy free foods, vegan, vegetarian and organic produce. These range from home baking produce and basic everyday ingredients to chocolatey snacks.

Telephone: 01529 303875 
Monday - Wednesday & Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm | Thursday & Saturday: 9.00am - 4.30pm
Email: [email protected]