Chamber Smart Currency

Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce a Business Saving partnership with Smart Currency Business.

Smart is a foreign exchange company based in Hammersmith, London, with a passion for helping UK businesses protect their budget, margins and profits through tailored treasury management solutions.

Smart Currency forecasts provide an overview of what some of the major banks are forecasting over the next 12 months. We update these on a quarterly basis.

What makes Smart different from their competitors is their exceptional customer service. Rather than simply prescribing risk management strategies, they work closely with all of their clients to gain an understanding of each company’s specific situation and requirements. Only then are they in a position to offer tailored guidance that helps businesses to realise their growth ambitions.

A key aspect of Smart is their creation of educational documents that help their clients understand the nuances of foreign currency. One of their most popular pieces is the currency forecasts document which they produce on a quarterly basis. Inside you’ll find what some of the major banks are predicting over the course of the next 12 months, and some things to look out for in the coming quarter.

If nothing else, it should highlight why failing to protect your foreign currency exposure is never the right course of action. While FX should never be considered a revenue stream, if managed correctly, it is a means of achieving a definite cash flow.

To download your free copy of the currency forecasts, click the link and enter your details. It only takes a second and should prove useful to those of you with dealings in foreign currency. To find out more about this exciting partnership, email the team at or give them a call on 020 3867 3241.

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