Linking Up was set up in 2005 by Children’s Links, a registered charity working to improve the life experiences of children, young people, families and communities.

As a progressive and innovative charity the schemes have been set up to support their beneficiaries. We are proud to reinvested100% of our profits in to the charity.

By joining the Linking Up schemes, you will be helping Children’s Links to continue working towards their vision of a world where all children, young people and families are valued and where their potential is maximised.

Improving your family life

As a working parent you will understand the importance of finding the right childcare for your child but this can be difficult with childcare fees rising continually. However your employer can help by setting up a childcare voucher scheme which is offered to you as a staff benefit.

Childcare vouchers are usually received in exchange of part of your salary, known as ‘Salary Sacrifice’. You will not have to pay any tax or national insurance on the childcare voucher amount you use, helping you to save money.

The childcare voucher scheme is a Government scheme to help working parents with their childcare costs.

As an electronic voucher provider, Linking Up enables employers to help their employee to make savings on the cost of approved and registered childcare, while making a saving for the company.

How does the scheme benefit an Employer?

The Linking Up childcare voucher scheme is a tax efficient way for small and medium sized businesses to attract and retain quality employees while making vital savings.

It is an employee benefit, implemented through an employer’s payroll, it helps parents save up to £933 per year towards their childcare costs and can save your company up to £402 for every employee that joins the scheme, because it’s free from Employer NI contributions.


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