LG is a brand of Limagrain; the UK’s leading plant breeder and seed producer, introducing varieties and seeds with improved performance for crops from wheat and barley to maize, from forage crops to amenity grasses and ley mixtures, and from sugar beet and oilseed crops to vining peas and pulses.

Varieties from LG – making a difference.

All Limagrain bred varieties are now promoted to the industry under the well-recognised LG brand, The LG range covers all cereals, maize, oilseed rape, peas and beans, vining peas, forage, root crops and environmental seeds . The LG brand carries the support of the UK’s and Europe’s leading plant breeder and seed producer, and covers market leading varieties across the whole range. The LG logo symbolises the very best genetics, supplied as high quality seed with attentive customer service and technical support.
The LG Brand
LG is part of plant breeders Limagrain, a farmer owned co-operative dedicated to developing new varieties of arable, forage and amenity seeds for farmers and growers.

New varieties, new benefits to Growers

The new varieties that the company introduces every year from its breeding and research programmes offer benefits to farmers and growers: increased yield, stronger agronomic characteristics, and better disease resistance. End users benefit from added value, improved quality, productivity and processability.


Limagrain benefits from both a strong pedigree from the past, and from the development of cutting edge technology. Our history in the UK industry, combines famous names: Nickerson, Sharpes, Advanta®, Hurst, Miln Marsters and Sinclair McGill. We have an unrivalled heritage of seedsmanship to draw upon.

Investing in the Future

Our early adoption of technology, from advanced trials design, to doubled haploids and molecular biology, gives us the power to produce ever-better varieties with step changes in performance. Limagrain invests over £3.5m per year into research in the UK, and over £215m elsewhere in the world. We are major supporters of public and private research partnerships with universities and institutes.
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