Duncan & Toplis (48) vs Bluecube (21)
Stadia Group (32) vs The Lincoln Hotel (38)
Streets (33) vs Belvoir (40)
Wright Vigar (39) vs Rilmac (41)
The Preparation Group & Lincs Chamber vs Vision Drive

Victor Finance (42) vs Stadia Group (33)
Bluecube vs The Lincoln Hotel
Rilmac (46) vs Streets (33)
Belvoir vs Wright Vigar

Stadia Group vs Bluecube
The Lincoln Hotel vs Duncan & Toplis
The Preparation Group& Lincs Chamber vs Wright Vigar
Vision Drive vs Streets

Bluecube vs Victor Finance
Duncan & Toplis vs Stadia Group
Rilmac vs Belvoir
Streets vs The Preparation Group & Lincs Chamber
Wright Vigar vs Vision Drive

Victor Finance vs Duncan & Toplis
Belvoir vs The Preparation Group & Lincs Chamber
Vision Drive vs Rilmac

*Fixture between The Lincoln Hotel and Victor Finance to be arranged at own convenience*