“Get your giveaways greener“ says Systematic

“Get your giveaways greener“ says Systematic

Many organisations will be looking to increase engagement with their brand in 2020, only the few will be putting environmental considerations at the forefront of their decisions. Leading the way is family business Systematic, and their team will be sharing their ideas at the Lincolnshire Business Expo on 15th January. The event coincides with the launch of their new Corporate Gift Catalogue.

Corporate gifts, promotional products, giveaways, all refer to the branded items that pull their weight in the marketing mix; creating awareness, building loyalty and a general ‘feel good factor’. Many of Systematic’s eco favourites will be up for grabs at the Expo, with one visitor to their stand walking away with a ‘fresh green ideas’ hamper, which includes a bamboo Ecoffee Cup, stainless steel refillable water bottle, bamboo desk tidy with wireless charger, cork backed notebook, desk resources printed on sustainable FSC paper, and more.

Businesses that want to launch promotional campaigns, whilst showing their contacts they’re creative and caring, should follow Systematic’s ‘greener rules’;

– Focus on quality with a ‘gift not gimmick’ mindset, the lifespan of the item directly impacts on its return on investment

– Functionality is the name of the game, the need to choose practical everyday items that will stay close to the intended target audience, without creating clutter!

Following these rules requires imagination and product knowledge, qualities that the Systematic team have in abundance. They have the accolades to prove it too, including being the first print management company to be accredited to the international environmental standard that is now ISO 14001. Their new Corporate Gift Catalogue 2020 is just the start of inspiration, before the team swing into action with proposals, visuals and samples, as part of the value that they add to leading organisations across the UK.

Managing Director Chris Robey commented, “For 45 years our point of difference is not just what we do, but how we do it. We’ve recently brought all our sustainability initiatives together in our brand ‘The Green Dot’, to coordinate the conversations on what we do to minimise our carbon footprint, and what we can offer clients who want to improve the sustainability of their purchasing. The shift that we are seeing in mindsets provides an exciting opportunity to show how we can respond to the needs of business and the environment.”

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