Sleep soundly each night with Fogarty, one of the UK’s leading bedding brands. With over 100 years experience as master pillow & quilt makers, the rich history and expertise behind Fogarty make finding the perfect bedding a breeze.

In 1826 Timothy Anderson opened a feather processing factory based on Pen Street in Boston, Lincolnshire. The rest, as they say, is history...

Our range of products include Anti-Allergy, Mattress Protectors, Duvets, Pillows and the Little Fogarty range

ANTI-ALLERGYSleep and breathe easy with the Fogarty anti-allergy bedding range. 

Anti-Allergy Products from Fogarty - Your bedroom is a place of calm and tranquility. Fogarty fully supports the need for healthy sleep. Fully endorsed by Anti-Allergy UK, our range of anti-allergy duvets & pillows are made with a light, polyester filling treated with anti-microbial material, providing you with peace of mind that your bedding is fresh, clean and safe. Perfect for all the family, including children and those with hayfever or dust allergies, the products are easy to care for and suitable for washing at 40 degrees.

Selecting the perfect mattress protector... At Fogarty we believe sleep is paramount to your health and wellbeing. Breathe new life into your mattress with a Fogarty mattress protector. Designed to enhance the comfort and support of your existing mattress, our protectors add up to 3cm extra cosiness to your bed, enabling you to let gravity take its course and sink into a restful sleep.

Fogarty Duvets - Sleep is a time to restore, repair and regenerate. Fogarty duvets encompass everything you need for a peaceful slumber, so you can rise feeling refreshed. Investing in the right duvet is an investment that will pay off night after night.

Selecting the perfect duvet type for you... Choosing the right duvet is vital for your comfort and peace of mind as you sleep. A lighter tog duvet keeps you cool during the Summer months whereas a higher tog during Winter will keep you warm and snug. Whether you prefer to sleep cosy or light, Fogarty duvets range from tog 1 to 15 so you can select what you find most comfortable.

Fogarty Pillows - A pillow is more than just a place to rest your head. At Fogarty we appreciate everyone’s sleep routine is unique. That is why we provide a wide range of pillows filled with natural and synthetic fibres for you to drift away into a restful night’s sleep. Whether you prefer one pillow or two, soft or firm, with pillows suit to all needs and lifestyles Fogarty provide the comfort you need to unwind at the end of the day.

Down & Feather Pillows - Expel the tension from your body as you rest your head on a feather filled pillow, providing the perfect balance between soft and firm, or for an added degree of luxury, opt for a down filled pillow, the softest filling. Alternatively, choose a blend of the two for optimum medium-firm support.

Hollowfibre Pillows - We all know that feeling of pure bliss as your head hits the pillow after a long day. Enjoy that feeling every night with our range of Hollowfibre pillows. Firmer than their natural or wool-filled counterparts, Hollowfibre has more rigidity thanks to the insulating air gap based at the centre of each polyester strand.

Anti-allergy PillowsMake stuffy, sleepless nights a thing of the past. Fogarty produce a range of anti-allergenic pillows suitable for all the family, in particular those prone to allergies. All pillows in the range are treated with a special anti-microbial layer, protecting you and your bedding from allergy causing dust mites or bacteria. So you can drift into the Land of Nod in peace.Wool filled bedding is possibly the best natural material for duvets and pillows. Wool is unique in its ability to keep you cool when it’s hot yet warm when it’s cold. Our specially treated Fogarty Wool ensures that the days of itchy wool are a thing of the past as you get a perfect night's sleep.

Little Fogarty - Create a soothing, safe environment for your child to sleep in.

Selecting the perfect range for your child... Sleep is as vital to a child’s development as the air they breathe. Their sleep routine should be a quiet time to allow plenty of rest and growth. From infants aged 12 months and upwards, our Little Fogarty range includes specially adapted cot & cot bed duvet & pillows, plus ultra absorbent mattress protectors that give you peace of mind your child is comfortable and protected through the night.


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