Schauenburg Technical Solutions Ltd formerly Flexadux Plastics Ltd based in Gainsborough are a manufacturer and supplier of phenolic GRP, ventilation ducting, pipes and electronic safety products for both the mining and tunnelling industries.

We manufacture a range of phenolic GRP pipes and ducting, polyurethane products, GRP rockbolts and ventilation ducting products. We are able to offer a worldwide service from our Gainsborough UK plant.

Primarily, our products are used in the mining and tunnelling industries but can be used in a wide range of industrial and leisure applications including: Methane gas transportation systems, Concrete finishing, Water treatment plants, Mineral recovery, Mining Tunnelling and Electronic Gas Equipment.

Telephone: 01427 617547
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 5.00pm | Friday: 8.30am - 2.00pm 
Email: [email protected]