Diana Food Limited (previously MAP Technologies Limited) based in Holbeach, manufactures food colours for food, beverage, and allied industries.

At Diana, we are committed to helping our clients write their story, guiding and supporting them all along their journey, and celebrating their success. Our highly qualitative natural-based solutions inspire health-conscious consumers with new and trustworthy sources of pleasure and nutrition, enhancing the well-being of people and their pets.

We are natural and sustainable at the core, our supply chain is fully integrated and we cultivate responsible partnerships with suppliers, enabling to provide sustainable solutions with a guaranteed clean label.

We always remain close to our customers, developing tailored solutions for all our customers, working alongside them from the sourcing to the final manufacturing, and providing sensorial organoleptic proven performance.

We are forward thinking and agile, driven by unique pioneering spirit, we push boundaries of innovation always further, exploring new promising fields.

We offer natural and artificial colors, color blends, and coloring extracts in liquid, paste, and granular or powder mediums. Our products are used in dairy, seasonings, and confectionery applications, as well as ice cream, decorations, coatings, bakery and jellies, sauces, meat products, snack food, fish products, flavored processed cheese, and beverages.

MAP Technologies Limited was founded in 2002, as of September 22, 2011, Map Technologies Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of DIANA Group SA.

"Diana, inspiring by nature"

Web: www.diana-symrise.com
Telephone: 01406 490764