British Power Group launches new CHP cost-saving system for hoteliers and leisure providers

British Power Group launches new CHP cost-saving system for hoteliers and leisure providers

Pioneering green energy provider British Power Group has introduced its latest cost-saving and planet-friendly offering, aimed specifically at hoteliers and leisure providers across the UK. Its new combined heat and power system (CHP) can dramatically reduce combined energy expense incurred with spas or swimming pools and is now available at zero capital cost.

The new CHP system for Hoteliers is designed to reduce consumption by controlling the systems a hotel or leisure facility already has in place. It enables a site to produce its own electricity and heat through a micro-combined heat and power system which can help to not only adopt greener operations but will reduce energy and maintenance costs. The reduced running hours can also extend the life of the system and there is even the option to recapture heat waste.

British Power Group’s latest offering is yet another example of how the company is demonstrating itself as a forerunner in providing greener technology and energy saving advice. Its clients include companies across the country in all industry sectors who are looking to make a positive sustainable switch and benefit from funding in doing so.

The new CHP system for Hoteliers joins the company’s already highly popular Hotelier Energy Savings Pack and offers another facet to energy and cost saving, particularly useful for those who experience high consumption due to the heating of pools and spa facilities.

British Power Group can offer funding through its long established and extensive network of energy providers, meaning that the new CHP system for Hoteliers is available at zero capital cost. It presents the ideal opportunity for hoteliers and leisure providers who are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon emissions and lower both operational and maintenance costs.

Steven Cullum, Director said: “We understand the challenges faced by hoteliers in terms of financial constraints and high energy usage. Many of our clients work in this industry sector and are already enjoying the benefits of our existing Hotelier Energy Savings Pack.

“We have drawn on the insight we have gained from working with our clients and the increasing feedback we receive from new contacts who approach us within the sector, to understand that there is a real need for combined heat power systems.

“This is an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of a combined heat power system at zero capital cost and reap both the environmental and cost saving benefits that it brings. For example, over a 15-year period a hotel will save around 44.34% on average, which is understandably highly attractive.

“If you are looking to become ‘leaner and greener’ then give us a call and we will happy run some forecasting with you and look at all the options available. Our funding is already secured so we can offer our systems at zero capital cost, usually in a very short time scale from initial discussion.”

This latest offering is already generating significant interest from hoteliers across the country. To find out more on the new CHP system for Hoteliers please email: or telephone: 01652 681883

Based in Kirmington, North Lincolnshire, British Power Group makes a sustainable future an achievable and cost-effective reality for businesses. Its smart eco-charged projects have been designed to cover a whole range of financial benefits to clients, including solar PV, voltage optimisation, electric car charge units and energy brokerage, each bringing huge energy saving and cost reduction benefits, and collectively really packing a punch.

For businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, save money and show commitment to the planet, British Power Group comes into its own. For further information, visit: or follow the company on LinkedIn.

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