Registered local charity providing an essential service.

We provide an affordable local transport service for residents within the Borough of Boston and surrounding villages.

With the help of highly trained volunteers we take appointment details, a volunteer driver will collect the customer from home and take them to where they would like to go, wait at no extra charge and take them home again.

Membership is just £12 per year

Journeys cost 60p per mile

Minimum charge of £5 per journey (up to 9 miles)   

Extended trips in and out of county can be carried out.

We work in partnership with organisations such as the Royal Voluntary Service and Boston Big Local to support the transport needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. This is becoming increasingly vital as there is no longer a home to hospital contract provider.

We play a vital role in helping older people to maintain active living, independence, enabling them to get out and about through using our community transport service.

We are a member of the Lincolnshire Community Transport Forum which is supported by Lincolnshire County Council via its county transport coordinator and which provides public liability insurance for the volunteer drivers.

Telephone: 01205 360182
Email: [email protected]