Visit Uncle Henry’s enchanting Snowdrop Walk in the Woods

Take a wander through the walled garden at Uncle Henry’s during February and discover a carpet of beautiful snowdrops & aconites which have lain undisturbed for over 70 years.

Now in its 4th year of opening, the Snowdrop Walk is maintained by the Head Gardener at Uncle Henry’s, Nicky Greenwood.

Nicky remarked ‘It’s been a really exciting project, seeing the snowdrop walk develop over the last few weeks. The snowdrops and aconites provide a natural carpet of colour, bright yellows and crisp whites amongst the leaf litter. These hardy winter plants have been flowering here at Uncle Henry’s for over sixty years and I have identified three different varieties. It’s a really special time of year as the flowers are only around for a few weeks which is why we’re encouraging customer to wrap up warm and come and visit us now, before flowering is over’

The free snowdrop walk, which starts at the entrance to the walled garden, is now open for visitors until early March.

The woodland also provides a unique opportunity for photographers to capture the beauty of the snowdrops.

Image courtesy of Lee Beel