The results from Quarter 4 Quarterly Economic Survey on a national picture underlined the impact that the current levels of uncertainty are having on a stalling economy as growth in domestic sales and orders reduced, recruitment difficulties stand near record highs and price pressures persist.  

Lincolnshire demonstrated a slightly different picture to that of the national one, with businesses confirming improvement in cash flow, capital investment, UK sales and orders remaining positive were some of the responses noted.

Q4 results also demonstrated the rise in recruitment activity with future intentions remaining strong but some businesses commented on the struggle to find the right calibre of candidates. Click here to read more.

Now in the first quarter of 2019 and with the Brexit deadline creeping closer, it becomes ever more important to understand how Lincolnshire businesses are coping in the current economic climate.

The Quarterly Economic Survey for Q1 is now live and will remain open until Monday 11th March.  

It is the largest independent survey in the UK and is used by both the bank of England and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to plan the future of the UK economy.

Simon Beardsley, Chief Executive, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Your input to this survey is absolutely vital to forming an accurate and comprehensive picture of our local economy and we work closely with the University of Lincoln and Lincolnshire County Council to ensure as wider reach as possible.

“This quarter we have chosen an additional topic of health and wellbeing, covering; sickness levels, wellness programmes and employee wellness.”

Have your say by completing the survey online today, It only takes up to two minutes and the intelligence gained is extremely important. 

Click here to take part in QES Q1 2019 survey.