You’re aware that creativity is essential; what you might be wondering is why it’s not always that easy to achieve.

This FREE workshop looks at what gets in the way of innovative thinking. What blocks us from being as creative as we know we can, and must, be? And what can we do to remove those blocks?

Whether you work in the creative industries or not, this workshop will encourage you to reflect on how ideas are generated and developed, to explore what helps the process and what hinders.

Following the success of last year's event, Mandy Wheeler and Luke Sorba return to Lincoln. They are both award winning writers and directors with many years experience teaching and coaching creative professionals and they are bringing their unique workshop back to the University of Lincoln.

You will return to your workplace with an improved insight into how to create new ideas, products and services that will bring greater success and renewed energy to your business.

This event is free for eligible business, find out more and book here