Endor Learn & Develop: Our aim is to strengthen relationships in the workplace and beyond, by delivering practical ideas which people can relate to on a personal level. As specialists in transferable learning, we focus on supporting the core set of behaviours and abilities, most valued by today's employers. Practical skills which can be applied across a wide range of different jobs and industries, to build flexibility and extend performance in role.

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Day 1: Generate Creative Solutions- Solving problems and making decisions

Introduction to the programme. Encouraging an innovative mindset.
What successful organisations do differently. Solving problems using new ideas
and inventive methods. Applying techniques to harness creative potential and
generate unlimited ideas.

• Practice ways to encourage the adoption of more creative solutions.
• Unlock fresh ideas and quickly develop inventive approaches.
• Build confidence to overcome any barriers to creative thinking.
• Learn how to explore and challenge existing assumptions.
• Develop ways to suspend judgement and think more laterally .
• Apply individual and group techniques to harness your creative potential and
generate unlimited ideas.
• Test and apply six proven creativity techniques which can be used back in the
• Reduce time identifying the best answers to practical problems.
• Test if you have made the right decision and eliminate procrastination to
ensure successful implementation.
• Convert creative ideas into applied solutions

Day 2: Change Evolve and Adapt- Building collaborative networks

The skills for success in a disruptive world. How to work co-operatively, share
expertise, pull together in the same direction and celebrate group successes.
• Learn new ways to harness collaboration in teams, workgroups and projects.
• Challenge traditional models of team development and overcome barriers to
collaborative effort in a rapidly changing environment.
• Identify and build on the individual contribution and involvement of others.
• Effectively share information within and across workgroups.
• Practice ways to generate trust and quickly develop team cohesion.
• Apply new technologies to assist with on-line collaboration across geographic
• Acknowledge the human impact of disruptive change on yourself and others.
• Deal confidently with ambiguity and the unknown during times of adaptation.
• Introduce practical measures to support others during the times of transition.
• Provide ruthless encouragement to colleagues and deliver improved results
through collective involvement.

Are you Eligible? - Places are free

In order to attend this workshop you must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. That you or a representative from your business can attend both days
  2. That your business registered with HMRC and has less than 250 employees
  3. That your business’s registered address is located within one of the following Local Authorities areas:
  • North Kesteven District Council 
  • City of Lincoln Council
  • West Lindsey District Council 

To check your business is eligible and to reserve your free place please contact us 01522 523333 or email [email protected]amber.co.uk

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