3D Wines are an innovative wine, travel & gift company based in Boston. 

3D Wines was established over 20 years ago. Our mission was to discover unique wine gems for wine lovers in the UK. We soon evolved to share our passion for visiting the 'extra special' vineyards we had found and meeting friendly winemakers, enjoying their art & craft and warm hospitality. As well as quality wines and exclusive events, 3D offer unique gifts for wine lovers including vine rentals and NEW for Christmas 2016, 'wine & dine' gift sets - a selection of wines with exclusive recipes created by Lincolnshire's award-winning chef, Rachel Green.

"Joining a vine-share scheme allows wine lovers to rent their own row of vines, visit the vineyard, meet the winemaker and collect the wines in person. The best is run by 3D Wines.” - The Telegraph

Web: my3dvines.com
Telephone: 01205 820745
Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm
Fax: 01205 821042
Email: [email protected]