What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Bishop Grosseteste University and how could it help my business?

What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Bishop Grosseteste University and how could it help my business?

If you need to access knowledge and skills to carry out a strategic project, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) can help you.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a collaborative, three-way project between a business, a university and a high-calibre graduate or post-graduate (known as an Associate) and have been helping UK businesses innovate for growth for over 45 years. The scheme’s longevity is testimony to its remarkable impact.

KTPs are designed to assist businesses with their growth and innovation and represent an extremely cost-effective means of introducing new skills into your workplace. They can be for almost any kind of project and can last between 12-36 months in length depending on the complexity of the project and the needs of the business.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help your business:

• Embed expertise and new knowledge into your organisation, expanding capability
• Increase revenue through access to new markets and new product development
• Improve profits through efficiency gains, increased productivity, and better processes
• Increase your competitive advantage through accelerated innovation
• Receive between 50%-75% grant funding
• Gain cost-effective access to Bishop Grosseteste University’s academic expertise and resources
• Access qualified graduates who will work full time in your company and lead your project
• Benefit from the strategic input of a Knowledge Transfer Adviser throughout the lifetime of the project

KTPs are part-funded by Innovate UK and are available to UK businesses of any size with a minimum of 2 or more full time equivalent employees.

Charities receive = 75% funded by Innovate UK
SMEs = 67% funded by Innovate UK
Large Organisations = 50% funded by Innovate UK
Public Sector = 50% funded by Innovate UK

A suitably qualified graduate (Associate) leads the strategic project. They are employed by the university to work full-time in the organisation and the three-way partnership embeds vital new expertise into the business, supporting it to realise positive, transformational change and growth. The Associate will be a high calibre graduate or post-graduate, often with prior industry experience and will be supervised by one or more academics. In addition, the overall project is overseen by an external Knowledge Transfer Advisor from Innovate UK.

If you are interested in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme and would like further information, please visit https://www.bgu.ac.uk/knowledge-transfer-partnerships/business or contact Linette Wallace, Business Development Officer (KTP), Bishop Grosseteste University at KTP@bishopg.ac.uk.

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