Eight recent graduates join SEO Traffic Lab for a two week intensive internship

Eight recent graduates join SEO Traffic Lab for a two week intensive internship

SEO Traffic Lab hosted eight recent graduates for a two week, intensive mini-internship. With over eighty applications, narrowing it down to the top eight was incredibly difficult.

The “Mini-Internship” offered a fantastic opportunity for graduates to gain real-world marketing experience at a Google Premier Partner Agency. At the end of the internship – at least two of the graduates are to be offered a job on the Graduate Fast Track Program.

During the two weeks, graduates shadowed account managers, attended workshops, and worked on individual and group projects. This included sessions on crisis management, Facebook Ads, SEO and much more, each session was hosted by an in-house specialist.

Each intern was given autonomy in their learning and time dedicated to study, as the stretch goal of the internship was to take the recognised Google qualification exams. That as a Google Premier Partner Agency, the whole team must pass on a yearly basis.

The aim of the internship was to allow the eight recent graduates to get a realistic understanding of what working in an agency involves as well as how to manage client accounts in practice.

The internship had a heavy focus on Paid Media, both Search and Social as this area of the business has grown exponentially in the last six months. The prospective roles within the business will be working on Paid Media predominately and will follow a “fast-track” to help the individual progress to become an account manager within two years.

Richard Hill, CEO & Founder, SEO Traffic Lab said:

“This was the first year that we have hosted a “mini-internship” I feel sympathy for recent graduates as the current climate is very difficult following the pandemic. However, I was greatly aware of the incredible candidates out there and wanted to open up the opportunity. For the last three years we have hired individuals through our Graduate Fast Track scheme. This is where we hire recent graduates with the plan of them achieving account management within two years.

“As an agency we hire for their mindset, so we invited recent graduates from a range of degrees and backgrounds. Skills can be taught but the attitude of the individuals is really important for our team. It was incredibly tough to whittle down the original eighty applicants to eight to join us for the two weeks as the quality of applications is like nothing I have experienced before.

“As well as this, we asked each individual to send us a two minute video of why they should be invited to join the internship, which really showed us an insight into not just their skillset but also their personality.

“Once the eight interns joined us, I could not have been more excited and impressed by their desire to learn more about Digital Marketing and Paid Ads. We set them big tasks such as taking their Google Search Ads exam within the first week. As a team we spent a lot of time with each individual to guide them through the process and by the end of week one it was monumental that within a week they had managed to learn and for the majority pass their search exam.

“Week two took on even more challenges for the interns as they were tasked with creating a Facebook Ads pitch for one of three local businesses. They chose which one and pitched it to the entire agency. Considering Facebook Advertising was new to all of them at the beginning of the internship they all confidently pitched it to us with sound knowledge around the subject.

“Each presentation showed off the individuals creative flair and areas of expertise and the results were incredible. From curated content, personalised illustrations and some incredible slogans I was truly blown away with the results. Each individual stepped up whilst also supporting each other.

“We cannot wait to announce our newest recruits but it is truly a testament to each of the interns as they said that they would be happy for whoever got it as everyone that took part in the internship deserved the roles available. I am already looking forward to hosting another one in 2021 and we will be deciding and announcing our newest hires soon, so watch this space.”

One of the most exciting elements of the SEO Traffic Lab mini-internship is that the agency will be offering at least two of the interns a place on their 2020 Graduate Scheme Program – so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on the new starters at SEO Traffic Lab.

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