Since 1989 Selenity has been delivering exceptional products and high quality service that strive to streamline business processes and reduce spend.

Our values: To transform our customers, Selenity promotes a friendly environment that engages with its employees. Attitude and teamwork are highly important, but loving what you do is by far the key to our success.

Our mission: To provide fast, innovative and configurable cloud technologies that reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure compliance to HR and finance departments. 

Our vision: To transform organisations and empower people through cloud technologies, anytime, anyplace, and on any device.

To be the leading global provider of cloud solutions. We will continue to challenge old ways of doing things, never accepting the status quo.

  • Our products will continue to differentiate by offering highly configurable and extremely efficient solutions in a user-friendly package.
  • Our customers will achieve a higher return-on-investment by wrapping our technology around their business.

We own the technology that does this.


Telephone: 01522 881300

Email: [email protected]