Quarterly Economic Surveys

Have you ever wondered how government and news reporters obtain the figures they quote about the success or lack of British businesses?

Well mostly they are from you the businesses who respond to surveys and questionnaires.  

As a member of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce we regularly invite you to take part and give your comments about the survey and current economic climate.

Your responses  support the facts and figures submitted to parliament and committees who make the decisions that affect all of us who trade and ultimately your customers.

The current survey is open from 28th August and closes on 17th September

Complete the survey below

Thank you for completing this survey

Next time you see a newsletter item like this one  please take the opportunity to have your say.  

Simon Beardsley said “QES intelligence is key to shaping the frequency and type of support provided to local businesses.

“As good business practice it is important to understand the economic landscape. The unfiltered information we can access from QES can underpin strategic decision to ensure we grow in the right way”.

The Lincolnshire QES forms part of the British Chamber of Commerce national business survey and is one of the most significant contributors to this vital piece of research.

The results are closely watched and analysed by senior officials, business leaders, government at both a local and national level as well as the HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

All businesses in Lincolnshire are eligible to fill out the survey which comprises of no more than 25 tick box questions. It covers a full range of topics including employment, confidence, investment and other external factors and it only takes three minutes to fill out.

Please call 01522 523333 or email [email protected] if you  have any queries.

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