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We Do Cyber Security. Properly.


We're not an IT Company that sells anti-virus but a group of companies that take an uncompromising approach to your organisation's security. We might NOT be your cup of tea.

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About The Armour Group of Companies Ltd

We're not just one company but a group of companies focused on different areas of cybersecurity. Network Armour, Digital Armour, Dark Armour, Airborne Armour & Coded Armour all cover their own areas of expertise and differing client bases. We aren't the company for everyone and we aren't one of those businesses that tries to be all things to all people. We're choosy about who we work with because we're not just looking after your reputation but ours as well.

Still interested in us? Why not get in touch, then? If you've got this far and aren't put off, we might just be your cup of tea...

If you're not interested in getting in touch, that's fine but we don't want to let you go without giving you some value so why not check to see if you've been involved in a data breach by visiting Have I Been Pwned and doing a search on your email address? At least you'll know if you've been involved in anything that might warrant some attention.

Our Vision

We hide and operate in the shadows. We are private. We don't kiss and tell.

Our Mission

To ensure that our clients are protected and defended against cybercrime, cyber-enabled crime and technologically-proficient opportunists.

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Lincolnshire Construction & Property Summit 2024

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Jul 16th 2024
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