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The world's leading specialist in the design and manufacture of farm precision seed drills, based in Bourne Lincolnshire.

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  • BCS House, Pinfold Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9HT

About Stanhay Webb Ltd

Stanhay are the world’s leading specialist in the design and manufacture of precision seed drills and are trusted by growers worldwide to establish their crops. Over the decades Stanhay’s market leading technology has proven to give the highest and most consistent yield at harvest than any other planter.

Our Bourne headquarters is home to all our departments including administration, sales, service, assembly, design and testing. Our engineers use the latest 3D computer aided design software and our on-site manufacturing facilities include computer numerical control (CNC) laser cutters, CNC press brakes, robot and manual welding and paint. Meaning that in conjunction with Stanhay’s growing network of international distributors and dealers the right drill, part or technical support is always available when needed.

Often copied but never bettered
The core Stanhay technology differs from other products by allowing the grower to plant up to 4 lines of produce from one single row unit using pelleted, coated or natural seed. Couple this with low seed drop, innovative linkage designs to maintain constant seed depth and a range of accessories to suit a huge range of ground conditions and you have the recipe for unsurpassed precision seed placement and the very best start for your crop.

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