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Our goal is to create the UK's most supportive fostering agency by listening to foster carers and children, ensuring they feel safe, belong, and are on a path to a happy, fulfilling life.

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About Skylark Fostering

Tim Clayton and Trish Kelly bring nearly 60 years of social work experience to Skylark Fostering, supported by a robust professional partnership and deep expertise. Their mutual trust and effective collaboration will be the foundation of Skylark's leadership. Driven by a passion for transforming the lives of vulnerable children, they will strive to guide Skylark with wisdom and compassion. Their extensive experience covers child protection, foster care management, innovative practice implementation, recruitment, foster carer assessment, and quality assurance. They have strategically enhanced foster care services through thoughtful service improvements and innovations. Their leadership is marked by clear communication and the ability to motivate teams towards shared objectives, ensuring successful service development initiatives.

Our Vision

Our goal at Skylark Fostering is to establish the UK's most innovative and supportive fostering agency by listening to our foster carers and fostered children and developing services that meet their priorities. We aim to create a sense of belonging, safety, and happiness for all fostered children, ensuring they experience a loving family environment, receive top educational support, and are guided on a clear career pathway. We collaborate with Local Authorities to transition fostered children back to their birth families when possible. Our foster carers are supported to confidently meet children's needs, while our fostered children feel empowered and heard. Skylark Fostering will implement a unique career support program, including engagement with local businesses for voluntary and work opportunities through to providing driving lessons for care leavers. Recognising the need for smooth transitions, we offer a specialised transfer pathway for foster carers, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met and facilitating transfers within four weeks to minimise disruption. We believe our greatest achievement will be seeing children and young people transition into successful adult lives.

Our Mission

At Skylark Fostering, our mission is for all children to be "Soaring High for Bright Futures." We are dedicated to providing foster carers with the best support so they can help children engage in positive experiences and achieve their fullest potential. We work in full partnership with Local Authorities to ensure children receive the right support and services for a better future. Our goals for children and young people placed with our foster carers are to: • Feel safe and be safe. • Achieve optimal health. • Reach their full potential in education, leisure, and sports. • Contribute positively to their lives and communities. • Thrive and succeed in adult life. • Experience a sense of belonging and inclusion. • Transition with support at the right time. We also strive to see each young person as an individual, considering disability, sexuality, and ethnicity, ensuring they reach their full potential without suffering discrimination.

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