A better way to buy cardboard boxes. Save money and reduce your environmental impact. Certified B Corp.

Environmental & Recycling

The preferred supplier of new, recycled and used cardboard boxes for organisations across the UK. Make a difference and join our mission to reuse cardboard boxes before they are recycled. Simply because it is better for the planet.

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About Reuseabox

Save up to 50% and reduce your impact on the environment when you choose to reuse cardboard boxes with Reuseabox. Using circular economy principles and working with manufacturers across the UK, we divert used cardboard boxes away from the traditional recycling process and place them back into the supply chain for a second use. By keeping cardboard in use for longer you can help us save trees, water, carbon and energy! And thanks to our first-of-its-kind reuse impact tool, we can help you quantify your environmental savings from cardboard reuse. On top of this, every time you buy your packaging from Reuseabox, you are funding reforestation projects and making a difference.

Our Vision

To be part of a world where companies join forces to prioritise people and the planet.

Our Mission

To inspire, promote and educate a global community that reuses packaging before it is recycled, while investing in our planet to create a better future.

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