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PIB Insurance Brokers are a leading insurance broker with access to risk management and employee benefit services.

Business Services

Our Lincoln office can provide you with a tailored insurance solution for your company or as an individual.

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  • 01522 814488

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

  • Hestia House, Unit 2 Edgewest Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 7EL

About PIB Insurance Brokers

Our Lincoln office has been serving clients in the Lincolnshire area for over 50 years. The branch provides insurance solutions for a wide range of businesses and has particular expertise in the agricultural sector. Originally known as Cooke and Mason, the Lincoln branch became part of PIB Group in 2016 and changed its name to PIB Insurance Brokers in 2020.

Our Vision

Our formation in 2015 reflected the belief that the disappearance of many mid-sized brokers created the opportunity for a new entity, focused on the needs of clients. Using a specialist sector-specific approach, we keep close client relationships at our core. As part of PIB Group, we are one of the UK's leading independent, diversified, specialist insurance and risk management advisers with an increasing international presence. We are achieving this through a combination of hiring experienced and talented individuals, organic growth and targeted acquisitions. Our group operate out of over 45 offices around the UK, trading under various brands but with a common ethos. Whilst we are largely focused on serving the UK domestic market, we are increasingly able to support our clients with their risk and insurance needs both domestically and internationally. PIB Group' acquisitions have included businesses in the Channel Isles, Republic of Ireland and Continental Europe.

Our Mission

This branch specialises in the following: Agriculture, Business Insurance, Hospitality, and Personal Insurance

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PIB Risk Management First Aid at Work 18th April ...

PIB Risk Management First Aid at Work 18th April – 20th April 2023

A three day course for individuals who wish to act as a first aider in their workplace. https://www.pib-riskmanagement.co.uk/services/t...

A three day course for individuals who wish to act as a first aider in their workplace. https://www.pib-riskmanagement.co.uk/services/training/qualsafe/lvl-3-award-in-first-aid-at-work-...

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