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Specialist manufacturer of equipment for every aspect of dry and semi-dry bulk materials handling: conveyors, elevators, screw augers

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About Guttridge Ltd

With a foundation of 50 years of experience, Guttridge is a flourishing company, globally respected for delivering well-engineered, reliable materials handling solutions that continue to anticipate dramatically changing industrial needs.

Tried and tested bulk materials handling equipment
We supply everything from single machines to fully integrated handling solutions and we manufacture in both stainless steel and mild steel, producing durable equipment for every material and eliminating the risk of contamination, where necessary. However, Guttridge isn't simply an off-the-shelf supplier. What sets us apart is our ability to design and build truly bespoke solutions for your specific application.

Our comprehensive range of bulk materials handling equipment includes:

Bucket elevators
Screw conveyors and dischargers
Chain conveyors and dischargers
Belt conveyors
Load and discharge hoppers
Vertical blenders and live bins
Ancillary equipment such as spoutings and fittings, slide valves and diverters.
The starting point for any bulk materials handling project is an understanding of the flow properties of the product. Here, there is no substitute for experience and we rely heavily on the wealth of knowledge we've developed from dealing with a truly diverse spectrum of materials over very many years.

However, we've also recently invested in a modern powder tester to further strengthen our understanding in this key area. This detailed material testing allows us to predict material behaviour and flow properties more reliably thus vastly improving our ability to provide "Right First Time" equipment specification. Our design and manufacturing practice similarly focuses on delivery to the customer and we continue to invest in the technology needed to achieve excellence.

A trusted partner for each and every bulk materials handling project
All these capabilities make Guttridge a strong partner for bulk materials handling projects. Conveying requirements are constantly evolving in terms of scale and the range of materials handled. We face the challenges these changes bring with considerable enthusiasm and with the drive, skills and application expertise needed to deliver cost-effective systems that really work.

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