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EMW Trade Services is a consultancy and support service in Sleaford specialising in export documentation, freight rates, credit control and insurance.

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EMW Trade Services is a consultancy and support service based in Sleaford, specialising in exports, export documentation, freight and rates, credit control, credit insurance, customer support and administration functions.

Emil Wowk

Emil set up EMW Trade Services in November 2016 in order to further utilise his experience, to assist other businesses to grow, assist with short term admin, export or credit problems. Emil has over 35 years of commercial experience with national and local companies in the UK in financial, management, export administration and customer service roles. This includes over 20 years with Wherry & Sons Limited, 19 of which were as finance director & company secretary. During this time Emil has built up significant experience dealing with local finance matters as well as handling export documentation, optimising freight rates and utilising marine cargo insurance, as well as resolving many trade issues in North Africa, Middle East and Far East, UK and EU markets. Emil has also set up procedures and credit control insurance to reduce debtor days minimising and recovering bad debts.

Our Services include:

Export Services

• Documentation - Preparation and submission
• Freight Rates
• Marine Cargo Insurance

Credit Control Management

• Systems & Procedures
• Credit Insurance
• Debtor Day Reduction
• Bad Debt Recovery

Business Administration

• Internal Company Structures
• Dealing with Bottlenecks
• Setting up Procedures

Sales Support

• Trading Policies
• Customer Services
• Customer Care

Ad Hoc

• Research
• Sourcing
• Supply of Goods

"With over 35 years of commercial experience, much as a board member, we can assist and advise on a wide range of issues to help your business."

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