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A comprehensive range of renewable energy solutions with ZERO capital costs


Through our network of trusted energy partners we have in excess of £100 Million secured in private investments to be utilised on renewable energy projects over the next 2 years.

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About British Power Group

British Power Group’s Management team has extensive experience in the renewable industry and has a broad spectrum of energy solutions for any British business ranging from small SME’s to large corporate clients

Our Vision

Through our network of trusted energy partners, we have over 25 years of experience in the renewable industry and have an enviable track-record of deliverance over the same period.

Our projects are designed to cover a whole range of financial benefits to the client and can include Solar Pv, Voltage Optimisation, Electric Car Charge Units and Energy Brokerage.

All of these are available to the client on a Zero-Capital, no cost basis and help to reduce energy overhead costs at the same time.

Our Mission

We offer a comprehensive range of services including Commercial Photovoltaic Energy, Voltage Optimisation, Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Energy Brokerage.

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