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Balcan manufacture a range of safety products, which help companies comply with Health & Safety, Duty of Care and environmental requirements.

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About Balcan Engineering Ltd

Balcan products help companies act responsibly and create a better future for future generations. We are committed to Sustainable Development.

Founded in 1972 Balcan manufacture a range of safety products, which help companies comply with Health & Safety, Duty of Care and environmental requirements.

The Balcan Emergency Life Line (B.E.L.L) is a quick and effective throwing line, weighing only 6-8oz (200-250g) with a reach of up to 40 metres, a staggering 20 meters further than any other line. We consider the B.E.L.L to be the most efficient life saving device available and should be carried by everyone. Our most famous rescue was at Niagara Falls when only the B.E.L.L was able to reach two stranded students.

The Balcan FSL Lamp Crusher range provides the safe and controlled crushing of all types of lamps. With their mercury content, fluorescent tubes cannot be thrown away with normal waste. These crushers provide the safest way of reducing volume into our special Sacks, or drums, which are a simple way of containing and storing the debris ready for disposal at the Queen's Award Winning Lamp Recycling facility.

The Balcan on-site lamp crushing and lamp recycling service is ideal for those unable to justify the purchase of a crusher. The lamp recycling service provides full traceability of waste to help companies comply with Duty of Care, BS ISO14000 and the Hazardous Waste Directive requirements. Balcan lamp recycling is now the largest UK lamp recycler and an accreditited supplier to Recolight.

Since 2008 Balcan have been selling their lamp recycling systems throughout the world. The Balcan Lamp Recycler is now the system of choice in the US.
The Balcan Bottle & Vial Crusher range reduce the volume of waste by up to 80%. In addition they allow liquids to be separated from their glass, or plastic containers which can help reduce their disposal costs. Some clients have eliminated all of their disposal costs, allowing the machine to pay for itself very quickly and achieve considerable savings. These units are available to crush glassware from 4.5litre Winchester bottles, down to 1ml autosampler vials as well as plastic scintillation vials.

The Balcan Hypodermic Needle & Syringe DESTRUCTOR chops needles into several pieces and removes the nib of the syringe to render it unusable. Accepted by the WHO as the best device of its kind available and awarded Millennium Product status, the DESTRUCTOR should be used by all establishments using hypodermic needles to reduce needlestick injuries. In addition to its Health & Safety benefits, it can save huge amounts of money by the reduction of the requirement of plastic sharps containers, which are commonly overfilled and sometimes stolen to be sold on the black market to drug users.

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