Local property expert on mission to stop home buyers losing money

Local property expert on mission to stop home buyers losing money

Leading property partner, X-Press Legal services Lincolnshire is urging home buyers to protect their finances during the home buying process.

One third of property transactions in the UK now collapse* with the figure rising to over 50 per cent for first time buyers. On average, this can cost the home buyer around £2,000 in lost fees, such as those from solicitors, estate agents and surveyors, often due to no fault of their own.

Now Chris Watson of X-Press Legal Services Lincolnshire is on a mission to protect consumers by raising awareness of a little-known insurance product to protect their cash – Home Buyer Protection.

“Anyone buying a home in the current property market should be asking their solicitor for Home Buyer Protection,” commented Chris of X-Press Legal Services Lincolnshire.

“It is incredibly disappointing when a property purchase falls through and this can be further compounded by consumers discovering they must pay all costs incurred up to the point of the transaction collapsing. Home Buyer Protection can recoup thousands of pounds, meaning when house hunters lose out on a property they aren’t out of pocket too.”

Property transactions entail an array of risks, both known and unforeseen during the 144-day average journey from deciding to buy and property instruction to purchase completion.

Home Buyer Protection covers a spectrum of costs associated with the transaction process, including mortgage arrangement fees, professional fees (including legal costs) and disbursements.

As a leading provider of property searches and reports to the conveyancing industry, X-Press Legal Services has recently announced a strategic partnership with insurance provider LPG to ensure

Home Buyer Protection is available to all law firms that it partners with. Sharing the same values as X-Press Legal Services, LPG is dedicated to building meaningful client relationships. The partnership aims to empower consumers ensuring enhanced protection and peace of mind during the transaction process.

“This collaboration with LPG stems from our commitment to ensuring the legal firms we partner with can offer their clients an enhanced property buying experience,” added Chris.

“Home Buyer Protection ensures consumers are safeguarded while also promoting confidence and transparency throughout the process. We hope this additional asset will be welcomed by local law firms who recognise the financial damage that losing out on a purchase can cause their clients. Together, we can make buying a home less stressful for purchasers across Lincolnshire which is positive news for all parties.”

X-Press Legal Services has earned its reputation as a trusted independent property search provider, offering valuable insights and meticulous searches to facilitate informed property decisions. With locally owned offices throughout England & Wales, they specialise in providing property search reports to conveyancers. For further information contact Chris Watson at chrisw.1367@xpresslegal.uk or 0330159 5367

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