Showcasing Lincolnshire Business Heroes supporting the community during lockdown

Showcasing Lincolnshire Business Heroes supporting the community during lockdown

Last month we launched our first feature celebrating Lincolnshire’s business heroes and their contribution to our county, this month we are back again to feature many more unsung business heroes.

“We launched this initiative back in June working with TED East Lindsey and the response we received was phenomenal, with nearly 200 nominations it really highlighted the crucial part businesses play in keeping the community spirit alive in such hard times” expressed Charlotte Watson, Head of PR, Marketing, Comms and Policy at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

“We are stronger together has been our key message throughout the pandemic and will continue to be so because we are exactly that ‘Stronger Together’ and these stories just highlight that even more so” added Charlotte.

First up is The Priory Hotel in Louth, a unique, quirky little hotel and restaurant with a big heart.

The Priory Hotel were nominated in the Lincolnshire Business Heroes for their creation of the Neighbours Kitchen, a food delivery service for the elderly and vulnerable in Louth.

Commenting on the nomination is Paul Hughill of The Priory Hotel: “Our decision to establish The Neighbours Kitchen as soon as the lockdown was announced meant that members of the community who were hit hardest were looked after while the local authorities and charitable groups organised their response.

“The warm and positive support from the community and local business meant its rapid growth and is still operating. We have been able to cook and deliver over 15000 meals and redistribute enough produce to provide an additional 25000 meals. We started the Neighbours Kitchen because it was just the right thing to do but to receive this nomination means the world to everyone involved and will spur us on to do more in the coming months and years. It is an honour to give back to the community who support our unique business in good times.”

Continuing the fantastic community spirit with our next nomination is Lincoln Gin, lovingly handmade at The Lincoln Distillery with locally inspired botanicals.

Matt Felgate, Owner of The Lincoln Distillery said: “We would like to say a huge thank you for this very kind and unexpected nomination. Though recognition was never our intention when we started to produce and donate the hand sanitiser during our Community Spirit Initiative it is gratefully received.

“We are keeping a positive attitude, although as you will imagine it has been and continues to be a very challenging time. Apart from providing hand sanitiser on a charitable basis right at the beginning of the lock down we have concentrated on keeping in touch with our customer base and using the time for adapting and developing our business model including new products and our new website with online shop. We hope to return to our regular farmers markets and events in the run up to Christmas (or sooner) and encourage everyone to stay safe and well.”

They switched from making their amazing gin to making and donating hand sanitisers, a much-needed resource in such times.

“At a time when small business owners are struggling and worrying about their future, Matt and Jen have carried on with a smile on their face, ensuring that those who need it the most have the resources available to continue working in the community. They don’t expect praise or thanks, but I believe they deserve it.”

The hard times like these often bring out beaming lights of inspiration that people can get behind to help one another get through and these stories are just that, stories of inspiration and community spirit.

Our next nomination is George Adams Butchers in Spalding, who recent celebrated its second anniversary despite difficult times.

Well known for its award-winning pies, George Adams have provided an amazing service for its customers during lockdown.

“They have provided a free delivery service to the elderly and the vulnerable and also introduced a click and collect service to make sure no one goes without, both of which are new measures bought in to help out” said a customer of George Adams Butchers.

Another customer said: “They have been so busy providing an amazing service to the whole community throughout this pandemic and continue to do so, they have definitely gone above and beyond and deserve the Lincolnshire Business Hero recognition.”

Our final Lincolnshire Business Hero recognition is T&B Containers Ltd based in Boston, a family run business with over 50 year’s knowledge and experience of all aspects of corrugated package.

Luke Newark, Commercial Manager at T&B Containers wanted to recognise the staff at T&B Containers saying: “Our real heroes are our staff who, with the support of the management, have adapted to the quickly evolving situation we all find ourselves in.

“As a packaging supplier our products are required for the supply of essential products to local and national businesses. With most of our products focussed on the food industry we have ensured every order has been met and new lines have been developed to support home deliveries to the nation.”

Charlotte concluded: “From donating and delivering food to the elderly and vulnerable, supporting key workers, adapting services, these businesses and many more have made such an impact on people they have helped and our wider community.

“We do not know how long the pandemic will affect us, but it is so important we recognise those businesses who serve without recognition, support and help others along the way.

“We will also be featuring these businesses and more across the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce website visit

"These businesses and many more have made such an impact on people they have helped and our wider community."

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