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Whatever you need to know about trading overseas, your first port of call should be the International Trade team at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber plays a unique role in supporting and boosting Lincolnshire’s trade activity, our team offers help and advice, as well as providing export documentation services and we also have the resources to connect with organisations all around the world, plus other Chambers of Commerce within the UK and internationally.

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Our Export Documentation service during Coronavirus

We are currently experiencing some delay in postal deliveries to our Head Office at Commerce House. We are, where possible, encouraging exporters to use the electronic documentation service, to register use this link https://www.ecert.sgs.com/uk


Our calendar is full of International Trade training courses, which will all take place via Zoom.

Click here to see upcoming International Trade workshops and to register.


ChamberCustoms is a customs declaration service delivered by the Chamber for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes.

With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating International Trade, we can take the hassle out of your hands when it comes to importing and exporting goods.

Click here to find out more.

Electronic Express/Standard Service 
Our International Trade helpdesk and electronic export documentation service will not be affected and will continue as normal, which is why we are urging exporters where possible to use the eCert express service.

eCert System 
With some slightly different ways of working, we would like to take this opportunity to invite businesses to use our electronic documentation service to ensure minimal disruption, this will include:

– Businesses who currently bring documentation in person

– Businesses who post documentation

If you are not registered for the eCert system please follow the online steps using the following link: https://www.ecert.sgs.com/uk

Export Document news

Click here for the latest news around the EU exit, the new points-based immigration system and other news.

Certificates of Origin for Turkey
The Turkish authorities have decided with immediate effect that Certificates of Origin used to import goods into Turkey can no longer just state European Community in Box 3 as the origin.

They now require the origin of each country to be stated. EU can be used as well the individual origin of each country but is not required. e.g. European Union – France, Germany. The electronic providers have been asked to update their systems to reflect this change. Where possible we recommend manually adjusting the entries in the origin box for now.

Egypt Legalisation Price Increase
The Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in London have decided, that effective immediately the price of legalisation for all export documents will increase from £44.00 to £110.00 per document.

Therefore, we have adjusted its pricing on the online batch forms (POS system) to reflect this change in legalisation fees.

Qatar refusing to accept electronic certificates of origin

The British Chambers of Commerce has confirmed some Qatari customs authorities are now refusing to accept electronic certificates of origin and are insisting that documents are also legalised. We have raised this matter with the Department for International Trade (DIT) who are making representations to their customs authorities.

In the meantime we suggest that manual certificates are used and documents are legalised.

The authorities are intending to charge a 1% penalty for shipments which do not comply.

VAT extension

HMRC have released guidance on how to request an extension to the payment period for import duty/import VAT payments. Deferment is not automatic and requires immediate action.

Click here to find out more.

Arab Documentation Delays

Please note we are experiencing significant delays on Arab documentation submitted. We are struggling to communicate with the Arab Chamber, and some of the embassies are closed.

if your business is planning to do any Arab documents in the near future, please bear in mind the extended delays with getting these documents returned.

Switzerland and Chile – accepting Electronic Stamps

We have been notified by HMRC that both Switzerland and Chile will on a temporary basis now accept documents issued using our online platforms. The EZ Cert platform has updated their systems to allow these to now be processed.

Mexico – Electronic EUR1’s now accepted
The BCC in conjunction with HMRC have negotiated with the Mexican customs authorities for electronic EUR1’s to be accepted with immediate effect.The electronic providers have been notified and will be updating their systems as soon as they are able.

Saudi Arabia – accepts electronic Certificates of Origin
The BCC in conjunction with DIT have negotiated with the Saudi customs authorities for electronic Certificate of Origins to be accepted with immediate effect.

The electronic providers have been notified and will be updating their systems as necessary.

Turkey – Electronic AT.R’s now accepted with email address added
The BCC in conjunction with HMRC have negotiated with the Turkish customs authorities for electronic AT.R’s to be accepted with immediate effect. The Turkish authorities have agreed that the electronic documents will be accepted as long as they can be verified by the Turkish authorities. In order that the Turkish authorities have the option to verify document if they wish the exporters email address needs to be added to Box 1. Every effort should be made to get the email address to fit in Box 1 but if the email address does not fit in Box 1 then please put it in the Remarks Box.

In order to stay in line with updated HMRC guidance per Notice 812 in the event that Turkish Customs subsequently request a wet stamped and signed document as part of their verification process, the issuing chamber should print a copy of the original and overlay a wet stamp and signature onto the original.

The electronic providers have been notified and will be updating their systems as soon as they are able.

Maintaining the flow of trade at the border

In order to maintain the flow of trade at the border during the current Coronavirus outbreak, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has announced that Border Control Posts (BCP) may temporarily accept scanned or electronic copies of health certification from competent authorities or operators in some specific circumstances.

Any measures taken are only for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak. Speak directly to the relevant BCP for further clarification and if you have questions about a particular import.

Temporary Extension for Formal Undertakings

We appreciate a number of exporters have had difficulty getting the Formal Undertaking signed during the current pandemic with remote working.

During the pandemic you are now allowed to give an extension of 30 days on existing Formal Undertakings to give exporters the time to get the Formal Undertaking signed and posted to us.

DIT Coronavirus guidance for UK businesses trading internationally

DIT can support businesses by:

– providing assistance with customs authorities to ensure smooth clearance of their products

– offering advice on intellectual property and other issues with business continuity British businesses that may face disruption due to the spread of coronavirus can contact DIT’s dedicated business support team by emailing COVID19@trade.gov.uk.

Get more advice and business support

Visit our Coronavirus Advice Hub

Visit the Advice Hub


The UK Global Tariff (UKGT) has been released. UKGT will be the UK’s new most-favoured nation (MFN) tariff regime (replacing the EU’s Common External Tariff) on 1 January 2021, unless an exception applies. For example, the goods you’re importing:

– are from a developing country that pays less or no duty because it’s part of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences;

– are from a country that has a trade agreement with the UK; or

– have a relief or tariff suspension that’s operated by the UK.

Find out more about UKGT

Export Documentation

Our export documentation service is available for members and non-members of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce. However, being a member entitles you to a range of discounts that can save your business hundreds of pounds.

The accurate completion of export documentation is vital if charges and delays are to be avoided and shipments are to meet their deadlines.

Our Export Documentation Services include:

  • Access to the E-zCert Certification Platform
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • EUR1 Movement Certificate
  • European Community Certificate of Origin
  • A.TR Movement Certificates
  • Pricing Export Documents and Pre-checking and Document completion Guidance

Applying for Export Documents

There are several ways to complete the documentation and they vary depending on what documentation is required by your customer.


The most popular form of applying for export documents is through our electronic system, eCert, which means that your export documents can be checked, approved, stamped and returned without you having to leave your desk and completed within the same day.

This is deemed the quickest and safest method of sending and receiving your documents as you do not need to rely on the post or couriers because you can print it out from the comfort of your own office.

Click here to register for this service.

New to eCert? – We have a dedicated international trade team who can provide training on the eCert system with the aim of getting the documents completed correctly first time to prevent future rejection charges.

See our Export Documentation price list here.


On some occasions we require carbon copies of your documentation, in these instances Certificates and documentation should be sent to:

International Trade
Commerce House
Carlton Boulevard

While you wait

We also offer a while you wait service; however, it is advised that you book a time slot to ensure the team are available. Please note this service is only available between 9:30am and 3:30pm and may not be available during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Arab Certificate of Origin

These certificates are normally required for shipments to evidence the origin of the goods and may also be requested by the importing company and may be used in the following Arab League Nations:

Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen.

Arab Certificates of Origin can be completed by the exporter or the agent and presented to the Lincolnshire Chamber to be forwarded to the Arab British Chambers of Commerce (A-BCC).

This will then be certified by the A-BCC and legalised by the Embassy of the importing Arab country, certifying the origin of the goods stated.

How long will it take?

If your customer is asking for an Arab Certificate, this will mean that the documents MUST be legalised by the relevant Embassy which will incur extra charges and take longer to process, please allow 2 – 3 weeks for the return of the legalised documents.

Why do I need a Arab Certificate of Origin?

An Arab Certificate of Origin can be requested due to the following reasons:

– To be used as a legislative requirement of the importing country

– A letter of credit requirement

– Importer preference as to origin of the goods

– Customs authorities proof of origin requirement

EUR1 Movement Certificate

An EUR1 Movement Certificate enables importers in certain countries to import goods under preference, which means your customer abroad may pay a lower or ‘nil’ rate of import customs duty on goods.

To qualify the goods must ‘originate’ in the UK or EU and the preference system only applies to countries where certain trade agreements exist with the EU.

Preference-giving countries include:

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (Maghreb group)

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria (Mashraq group)

Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechenstein [European Free Trade Association (EFTA)]

Bulgaria and Romania

Faroe Islands

West Bank Gaza


Turkey (for agricultural and coal and steel products only – all other products are covered by

Customs Union arrangements between the EC and Turkey)

Ceuta and Melilla


South Africa


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)




A European or EC Certificates of Origin

A European or EC Certificates of Origin are a customs clearance requirement to evidence the origin of the goods involved in a shipment.

A Certificate of Origin is filled out by the exporter and states that the shipment has been wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Why is a Certificate of Origin needed?

A Certificate of Origin can be requested due to the following reasons:

– Meet the requirements of customs in their own country

Egyptian Legalisation

European Community Certificates of Origin can also be legalised through us by the Egyptian Embassy if required. You would need to allow 5-7 working days for this service.

A.TR Movement Certificates

A.TR Movement Certificates are used to entitle goods which are in ‘free circulation’ in the EU to receive preferential import duty when shipped to Turkey, which means that your customer pays a lower or nil rate of import duty on your goods.

Before applying for your documents, exporters completing an A.TR Movement Certificate must comply with HM Revenue & Customs Notice 812. 

Pricing Export Documentation

Our fees for certifying your international trade documentation are among the most competitive around.

See our pricing schedules for a breakdown of costs for the following:

– European Community Certificate of Origin

– EUR1 Documents

– TR Documents

– Other documents i.e. commercial invoices/packing lists

– Arab Countries Certificates of Origin

Certification charges for the European Community Certificate of Origin, EUR1 Documents, ATR Documents and Certification of ‘other’ documents i.e. commercial invoices/packing lists.

Contact us via international@lincs-chamber.co.uk or call us on 01522 523333 (option 3).

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