ChamberConnect: The need for speed on the journey to recovery

ChamberConnect is a series of interactive virtual events which have been designed to support businesses and their staff through the current Coronavirus crisis.

These events will allow you to learn, ask questions and stay up-to-date on a variety of topics which will be affecting your business at such an uncertain time.


Tune in via video conference app Zoom to hear from Michelle Johnson of PCW Consulting Group who will discuss a range of topics around post-pandemic business reinvention and rejuvenation:

– Introduction
– Accelerated cultural shift
– Crossroads for change
– Change for those in the driving seat
– Fine-tune your purpose
– Test drive for future design


– Who we are?
– COVID Backdrop and impact of businesses
– The Need for Speed to reinvigorate and rejuvenate
– The principles of Organisation Design

Accelerated cultural shift

– Overnight emptying of office space
– Working from Home – it’s not for everyone
– Feierabend – The German concept

Crossroads for change:

– An Altruistic Approach
– New Skills
– Society vs. Financial
– John Elkington’s Triple Bottom line
– Top Talent
– Partnerships

Change for those in the driving seat:

– Leaders as Humans
– Command vs Control
– No time to trust
– Delegation
– Tough decisions on the journey ahead

Fine-tune your purpose:

– Design for purpose
– Communication
– Social Connections
– Creating a level playing field
– Recognition
– Kaizan – continuous improvement

Test drive for future design:

– Lower skilled vs higher skilled
– Job Market Changes
– Mental Health
– Digitisation, flexibility and sustainability
– Continuous experiment of discovery – no map for the road ahead
– Preparation for Global change – climate/ technology / pandemic

About PCW Consulting Group

Whether in times of crisis or distress, demands of high growth, preparing a business sale, or for investment, our Mission is to enable organizations to improve fundamental business performance, re-invent their business, generate strategic growth, and lead their people through times of transformational change.

We at PCW Consulting Group are unique and boutique because our trusted advisors draw their expertise from their own personal experience as entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and c-suite executives, as well as their broad knowledge of emerging business strategies and market trends.

Whether your view is to improve efficiency, to advance the personal development of your team, to tackle a specific disruption, or even to sell your business, we’re by your side providing adaptive and innovative solutions to allow you to achieve your goals.

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A FREE workshop funded by ERDF Collaboration 4 Growth (C4G project) in collaboration with Lincoln BIG.
This is a FREE workshop for all businesses, however priority will be given to those businesses in the eligible Collaboration 4 Growth areas of West Lindsey, City of Lincoln and North Kesteven.
Only businesses who are both operating and registered within Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey are eligible to receive up to 12 hours of business support at no cost thanks to the project funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

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