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A FREE full-day workshop on how to interpret a range of non-verbal signals and use this information to your advantage, presented by Chris Watson of Endor Learn and Develop.

With greater opportunities for face to face meetings and conversations in 2022, this programme has been designed to significantly improve your ability to interpret the meaning of body language and facial messages.

What a person actually says is only a fraction of what they are communicating and this skills development workshop delivers an accessible introduction into understanding and interpreting the range of non-verbal messages we all transmit.

Based on the latest research, we will reveal the most reliable ways to interpret the range of non-verbal behaviours; simple methods to build rapport and improve the way you interact with those around you.

You will discover how subtle micro-expressions, facial movements, vocal tone, gestures and body movements can all provide valuable clues into what others are thinking and learn to pick up on the hidden emotions which are present in all interpersonal exchanges.

Providing real life examples and tons of practical tips to help improve everyday communication, assertiveness and engagement with others.

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise and use effective non-verbal communication skills.
  • Accurately interpret a range of non-verbal signals.
  • Increase your awareness of cultural variations when communicating non-verbally.
  • Identify a variety of non-verbal and behavioural factors which will affect the reception of your messages.
  • Challenge a number of commonly held assumptions about body language.
  • Become a human lie-detector using proven methods to identify everyday untruths.



  • Recognise the impact of small gestures and mannerisms in the workplace and beyond.
  • Apply subtle ways to match what you are saying with the way you are saying it, and build credibility.
  • Use the 5 C’s of body language to improve personal impact and strengthen group dynamics.
  • Discover just how effective you really are at reading the unspoken body-tells of others.

About Chris Watson

Chris delivers fresh, practical ideas to extend the performance of people. As founder of the award-winning Endor Learn & Develop, he specialises in the promotion of adaptive management practices.

Chris works with every size of organisation – from new start-ups through to global companies, and is incurably curious about all aspects of organisational behaviour. His aim is to strengthen relationships in the workplace by sharing straightforward solutions which people can relate to on a personal level.

Drawing on a background in psychology, education, and the human sciences, he can provide a proven track-record in unlocking the best in people to help organisations flourish.  His style is participative, fast paced, humorous and relevant. He believes that we all learn best when we are involved and enjoying ourselves.

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A FREE workshop funded by ERDF Collaboration 4 Growth (C4G project) in collaboration with Lincoln BIG.
This is a FREE workshop for all businesses, however priority will be given to those businesses in the eligible Collaboration 4 Growth areas of West Lindsey, City of Lincoln and North Kesteven.
Only businesses who are both operating and registered within Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey are eligible to receive up to 12 hours of business support at no cost thanks to the project funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

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