My name is Jack Green and I founded Dunholme Chillies in January 2016.

We are a growing business that strives to make the most delicious sauces, tasty oils and zingy kinds of vinegar along with anything else that can add a whole heap of flavour to your meal. We work in the great village of Dunholme growing as many chillies as we can for both you and the sauces we produce.

We like to say “If we can put chilli in it, we will make it”

This means in the years to come, we are going to have some very odd more delicious treats, gifts, foods and maybe even drinks, but we are a long way off that yet. For now, we are trying to make some of the best chilli sauces that we possibly can for you guys at home.

Our sauces can be used for making any dish taste so much nicer and add just the right amount of heat. You could use it to make those boring salads worth making. Or maybe that chicken you have in the oven should have a dollop on top? There are lots of things you can do with our sauces, and now we want you to experiment

Our oils are the perfect addition to any meal, especially Italians. It’s sensational as a drizzle to a pizza or pasta. You can all add more heat, flavor and a little twist to an already great meal.

If you have salads, do you find them boring? Well with our oils, you can bring a bit of enjoyment back to healthy eating instead of having a boring wet leaf. And if salads aren’t your thing, why not try frying with it, create meals that have a heart of heat.

Our vinegar makes a brilliant addition to any dessert, whether it’s Meringue, sorbet or Sunday, we have some amazing vinegar to add a zingy fruit blast to your taste buds. But if you prefer the healthier options, we have you covered too. If you have smoothies, but can’t seem to get rid of the sour bitter taste, then drizzle some of this into your drink and feel the sweetness fill your mouth.

But if neither of those options is for you, then what about cocktails? Yes, I said it, cocktails. Switch out the lime, or the lemon for a zest of vinegar that’s sure to make your night worth staying up for.



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