Bransby Horses Book Launch

Bransby Horses Book Launch

Building on the amazing success of their first rhyming children’s story book, Bransby Horses is delighted to announce the launch of their second, featuring a loveable Shetland pony called Pudding.

Pudding’s Christmas Miracle told the story of an abandoned pony rescued by the charity and was a huge hit when it launched in winter 2020, selling over 2,500 copies and raising in excess of £17,000.

Eighteen months on and the sequel, Pudding’s Picnic Panic, builds on the educational style tale by teaching readers about the importance of not feeding horses you don’t know.

Sally Crawford, Executive Director of Engagement and Income Generation, said:

“Children and parents seem to have really taken to these books and the character ‘Pudding’. As well as being a lovely story for little ones to get lost in they also carry an important message about equine welfare.

“With the summer holidays just around the corner, more families will be venturing out on walks and may want to feed horses they come across – through Pudding’s story we’re urging people to not feed without the owner’s permission, as it could do more harm than good.
People may be unaware a gesture of kindness in the form of giving a horse a treat can actually be life threatening for equines.
Here at our Visitor Centre we have signs clearly displayed asking people not to feed our horses, but unfortunately, it still happens. So, rather than offer a horse something to munch on, a nice alternative would be to give them a little scratch on the neck. “We hope everyone enjoys Pudding’s new book as much as the first. All profits help us continue with the welfare and rescue work we do out in the community.

“Whether you decide to buy the book, sponsor a horse like Pudding or make a donation, you’ll make a positive difference and for that we’re truly grateful.”

Based in Lincolnshire, Bransby Horses has been rehoming and rescuing ponies, donkeys, mules and horses for over 50 years.

Pudding’s Picnic Panic was written as a collaborative effort by the Bransby Horses team and primary school teacher, Helen Kennedy.

Pudding’s Picnic Panic costs £6.95 from, by calling 01427 788 464 or by visiting their onsite shop at LN1 2PH.

Pre-order your copy online now for delivery from July 1, 2022.

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