Batemans brews up brand-new look for its bottled beers

Batemans brews up brand-new look for its bottled beers

Independent family brewer, Batemans, has breathed new life into its bottled beers by giving them a rebrand.

Mocha, Triple XB (XXXB), Victory and Combined Harvest have all been given a revamp in recent weeks to bring the beers right up to date with modern demand and tastes.

The wavy labels and more traditional typography and images and dark colours have given way to square edges, contemporary lettering, bright colours and bold shapes. While the company branding on the neck of the bottles carries Batemans’ modern new logo.

“We’re brewing new draught beers for the modern palate on a regular basis and we want this to be reflected, not only by the way the taste, but the way they look too,” explains Managing Director, Stuart Bateman.

Stuart added: “Our commitment to innovation means we’re not just continuing to appeal to our existing customers, but are focused on attracting a breed of younger drinkers, who are being drawn to beer through their experience of modern craft and are beginning to realise there’s real quality and value to be had in bottled beers.”

“The challenge for brewers, is getting their attention in the first instance by producing beers that look and taste great. Fortunately, we’ve had almost 150 years’ experience of anticipating and evolving with consumer demand and using our creativity and gritty determination to continue to serve up excellent beers on all levels.”

“We’re brewing new draught beers for the modern palate"

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