Collaboration 4 Growth

Collaboration 4 Growth (C4G) Project

Collaboration 4 Growth project has been extended for a further 3 years and continues to be funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

What is the Collaboration 4 Growth project?

We are working in partnership with Lincoln BIG to provide business support to new and existing SMEs who trade on a business to business (B2B) basis.

Please note businesses operating solely on a business to consumer (B2C) basis are ineligible to receive support from this project.

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Grant Scheme

Through this project, there are revenue and capital grants available between £2,000 and £7,000 to support activity such as; the creation or implementation of new systems and purchasing new equipment.

Please note that successful applicants will be required to pay for the full cost of the project upfront and reclaim this from Lincoln BIG. It is therefore imperative that applicants have the funds to cover the costs before submitting an application.

How do I apply?

For business interest in applying for a grant will be required to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Grant applicants will be asked to provide three quotes in relation to the proposed expenditure as well as other supporting documentation which will be assessed prior to consideration by the grants panel.

The panel will discuss all applications and decide which businesses will be supported according to funds available and outputs delivered.

Download the Expression of Interest form

Business Support and Advice

Businesses can access 12 hours free business advice on a one-to-one basis, or receive support in the form of workshops/networking opportunities.

Businesses are entitled to receive a grant OR 12 hours free business advice.

Eligible Projects

  • Micro, small, and medium sized businesses (with less than 250 employees) trading on a business to business basis
  • Within the administrative boundaries of North Kesteven District Council, West Lindsey District Council, and the City of Lincoln Council
  • Purchase of advance technology to improve businesses
  • Purchase of specialist consultancy support
  • Support the business to develop processes, systems and accreditation
  • Purchase of certain types of office equipment

Ineligible Projects

  • Ongoing business costs (overheads, business rates)
  • Vehicles and other mobile infrastructures
  • Salaries and travel costs
  • Businesses trading on a business to consumer basis

*please note that the above lists are only examples and other restrictions also apply. This list is not exhaustive.

Case Study


Stokes Tea & Coffee

The C4G project allowed the well-established Stokes Tea & Coffee in Lincoln to receive a grant of £4,800 to put into several projects, including hiring more staff.

See how receiving this funding has helped their business:

Case Study



The C4G project allowed the design and print agency Ruddocks in Lincoln to receive a grant of £4,920 towards purchasing a colour envelope printer.

See how receiving this funding has helped their business:

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