Money back  - Thanks to the negotiation powers of the British Chamber of Commerce.

Your Chamber healthcare plan offers you, and your employees, cash benefits towards routine treatments. It also helps your employees to be proactive about their health by providing money back towards their essential health care.

Westfield Health has been delivering health cash plans with the British Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years


Company Health Report

When you purchase the plan, you will also be given a company health report so that you can better understand the key health issues in your workforce.

What can the Chamber Plan do for you?

  • Improve staff productivity, motivation and morale.
  • Help to recruit, retain and reward your staff.
  • Present a valuable employee benefit.
  • Help as part of pay negotiations.
  • Help to reduce absenteeism and related costs.
  • May help employees with stress related problems.
  • Lower the risk of stress and musculoskeletal litigation in conjunction with a robust stress policy and line manager training.

For more information please contact the membership team on 01522 523333 or [email protected]