Bursting with character and history, Petwood is truly unique among hotels in Lincoln and the surrounding area. The elegant hand-carved staircase and extensive oak panelling typify the old world charm of the place, while guests can enjoy discovering features such as the Squadron Bar and immaculately kept gardens.

The original features and historic ambience of the house are sympathetically maintained in harmony with comfortable rooms. A taste of nostalgia with the best of the present, one might say.

Where Heroes Trod … and Friends Meet - Although originally built for an Edwardian Baroness, it is the famous RAF 617 or “Dambusters” squadron who truly placed Petwood on the map (see our History Section). Our collection of fascinating memorabilia is a testament to the intrepid RAF officers who found the house and grounds a “splendid place” to return to after their daring wartime raids. We think you’ll agree with them, albeit in very different circumstances.

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