Terwin Instruments manufacturers of plastic extrusion

Our products inlcude melt pressure transducers, transmitters, thermocouples, instrumentation, cables, and other products associated with pressure and temperature control & monitoring. Our products are fully interchangeable with most other manufactures’.

Established in 1975, Terwin Instruments Ltd., are one of the largest manufacturers of extrusion melt pressure / temperature transducers, transmitters, indicators, controllers and signal conditioners in Europe. Terwin are also the ONLY manufacturer of Melt Pressure Transducers in the UK.  

Terwin currently sell their products throughout the world to OEM's and manufacturers involved in the extrusion of pipe, fibre optics, cable, packaging, film, automotive seals, door frame and window profiles, medical tubing, food and pharmaceutical products.

Terwin have an ongoing commitment towards research and development and new products are frequently introduced after lengthy discussions and evaluation with key customers.   

With a world-wide network of offices and agents, Terwin can offer speedy service and delivery to virtually any part of the globe.

Web: www.terwin.com

Telephone: 01949 842 000

Email: [email protected]