Stadia Utilities is an independent business consultant, directing clients towards cheaper utility contracts. Together as a team, we bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to our customers across the UK and Ireland, with particular emphasis on the energy, water, waste and telecom sectors.

Let's face it, utility providers make things complicated. Too complicated. You don't have the time to mess around with utility contract renewals and numerous bills. You have a business to run! Fortunately for you, our years of experience have led us to become expert consultants in this field.

Our aim is to establish and maintain a relationship with our clients, and not only provide a one-time offer, but keep track of our clients' utility requirements.

Our fantastic in-house team of traders are continuously monitoring the market. This enables us to identify trends and predict demands to allow you to get the best deals.

What's the catch you ask? Nothing!

No fees - our commission comes directly from the supplier.

Save time - Focus on your business, let us take the reigns and find you the best deal.

We are completely transparent. You will see all of your options, along with our recommendations.

Free advice -Just send over a bill to [email protected] and we can provide a free utility health-check.